Racial Equity Events

The small number of registrations meant we have to cancel the Racial Equity events scheduled for Christmount August 18 – 19 and Chestnut Ridge September 10 – 12.    We have to have a minimum number of participants (40) in order to pay the trainers as well as provide a quality experience. The financial loss to the Region was greater than we can bear right now.  Next year as we plan events we may plan to have a training scheduled in a local congregation.

The event at Camp Caroline is still going to happen as scheduled.  Note the Friday session will end around 10:00pm and Saturday session will begin at 8:30am.

There is still the opportunity to register for the event at Camp Caroline Aug. 25 and 26.  You can download the registration form here. Remember that this is required once every three years for all clergy to maintain standing in North Carolina.…

Racial Equity Trainings – Christmount, Camp Caroline, Chestnut Ridge Camp

Resolution 116, passed at the 2016 Regional Assembly held in Greenville, N.C., requires all commissioned and ordained ministers who desire to maintain their standing to complete this training.  Please register to attend the training using one of the forms below.  You can attend the training at Christmount, Camp Caroline, or Chestnut Ridge Camp:

  1. Christmount: August 18-19
  2. Camp Caroline: August 25-26
  3. Chestnut Ridge: September 10-12